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"Boat Ed is the only place on the Web where you can study the official boating safety manual developed specifically for your state government's boating agency. After studying the course material and taking an online boater exam, students who pass will receive their official boater education certification. You can be certain that the boating certification card you receive for passing the online boating test will be recognized by the officers on the waterways."(
Acclaim Sign & Display did the work on one of the company vehicles. Very good prices, great service and they were willing to make changes to the design until we were happy. We are! Fast, prompt and creative, considering they were swamped at the time.

Thanks Nathan!

The International Guild of Knot Tyers was a real find during my starving artist days. It inspired me and taught me that just because something looked really cool and easy to do on the web didn't mean it was a good idea to do it.​

These links are to those wonderful, awe-inspiring and imaginative places on the web that we thought you would find interesting and maybe even useful. They are sites and organizations that have inspired us, spammed us and made us laugh. Some just sat there and looked awesome. One was even accused of being too good to be true. You know who you are.

The Mother of All Maritime Links
This particular link is just plain scary at how much excellent stuff is packed into it.

A monstrous amount of information...including aerial views of marinas, ports and more!
​This website inspired me to create my own online just doesn't get much better than this.​
"United Marine Underwriters is a leading provider of marine insurance, with instant quotes available on their site for nearly any type of boat. They have a helpful Boat Insurance Guide available, designed to educate boaters about purchasing a policy. The boat insurance guide answers frequently asked questions like "What is covered under my policy?" and "What am I paid in the event of a loss?". Industry terms are defined that are necessary to understand in order to get the best policy. "The boat insurance guide can be found at

If you want to be listed here on our Resources page, contact us, we'd be happy to add you to our list...maybe even this one.  

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