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We detail, buff and wax and scuff/bottompaint boats that are currently on a trailer! 
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Services and Pricing
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All Services We Provide:

Woodworking/Fiberglassing: $79.00 p/hr.
"Excellent service at a very reasonable price.His hob was at par with any upscale Marine Service facility.Don't throw u'r money away when you can get the same quality if not better from a guy who is experienced and knows what he is doing.Great job George."  - Sunnny G.Everett, WA 
  • Detailing

  • Buffing and waxing

  • Bottom painting

  • Painting and fiberglassing

  • Pressure spraying

  • Mechanical and electrical installations and repairs

  • Head and holding tank installations and repairs

  • Strut-bearing replacements

  • Shaft and rudder packings

  • All running gear (props, shafts) maintenance

  • Rigging, deck and thru-hull fittings

  • Outfitting and Consulting

  • Engine alignments

  • Blister repair

  • Zincs replacement

  • Agent for transactions and arrangements

  • Boat show prep / Pre-boat sale prep

  •  Indoor shop and storage

For your information:
We recommend you have us perform an initial visit in order to evaluate the condition of your boat first so that we may assess the condition and give you the most accurate price quote possible.​

Now, here's the kicker...if the price is going to make you just want to scream and run down the dock pulling your hair out, then just talk to us about it! We're flexible and really great at figuring out payment methods which will work for both of us. If the price still makes your compass spin around, check the "other guys", we have a tendency to STOMP on their prices and are sure to impress you with our competitive price structure.

NOTE: Payment in full is expected at the time services are performed, unless payment arrangements are made in advance.
Pressure Spraying: $2.75 per foot
Mechanical and Electrical: $97.00 p/hr.
Consulting: $97.00 p/hr.
Buffing and Waxing:
Buffing and waxing includes complete detailing.*

0' - 15'  $18.00 per foot
15’ – 20’    $28.00 p/ft Topsides & Hull
20’ – 30’    $18.00 p/ft Topsides & $16.00 p/ft Hull
30’ – 40’    $22.00 p/ft Topsides & $20.00 p/ft Hull
40’ and up - Call us at 206-372-0487 for a free quote.
Regular shop rate is $79.00 per hour.
Travel Time:

Travel time is priced at a very affordable $45.00 per hour, charged to and from boat location for areas outside of our service area. All travel within our designated service area is performed free of charge!  Our service area includes Lake Union, the ship canal, west side of Lake Washington, and many other areas.  Contact Us today to find out if you qualify for free travel time!

Detailing: $45.00 per hour
*Detailing includes a complete wash-top to bottom, inside and/or out, stain removal, all canvases and vinyl cleaned, all stainless/ brightwork cleaned/polished, all accessable hatch gutters/drains/scuppers cleaned, most all types of carpeting are washed and/or vacuumed thoroughly, cargo areas cleaned if emptied beforehand and accessable... any other special requests or emphasis on certain areas is cheerfully accomodated at the regular detailing rate.
Bottom Painting: It usually takes about one hour, per ten feet of boat, to bottompaint a 30' boat. Bottom prep, scuffing/sanding on hull and outdrive surface prep is charged extra at regular shop rate.